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Large Pond Nozzle Kit

Item #: N16100
  • Adds oxygen to water for a healthy, thriving aquatic environment
  • Included
    • Extension tube
    • Coupler
    • ½ in. adapter
    • ¾ in. adapter
    • 3-tier fountain head
    • Trumpet fountain head
    • Waterbell fountain head
    • Foam-jet fountain head
    • Lower fountain head nozzle
    • Diverter valve
  • Compatible with pump models: MD11300, MD11500, DD11210, DD11330, DD11560, DDUV800, LLUV105
  • Dimensions: 9.9 x 4.02 x 7 in.
  • Spray Diameter: 3 in.
  • Installation/Assembly required; no tools or tubing required for assembly

Product Description

Aerate your pond with the TotalPond Large Pond Nozzle Kit which includes different nozzle options including the trumpet, water bell, foam jet, and three tier water effects. The overall size of the water display is determined by the power of the pump.