Tools for Effective Fall Pond Cleaning

Fall is the time for Halloween, Thanksgiving, or really any reason to make a pie but more importantly it’s prime time for cleaning your pond. I know it is super exciting and probably the highlight of the season but the hard work will pay off in spring when there is less work to be done. Fall cleaning can feel overwhelming since a lot needs to be done and for the obvious reason that it’s a reminder you are preparing for the cold winter. Getting on your hands and knees to pick up every last leaf sounds pretty awful so having the right tools for effective cleaning is important and makes the process more manageable. Plus you can take advantage of being active outdoors before the winter hibernation period of being indoors in comfy clothes with some good food sets in.

So what kind of tools do you need for effective fall cleaning? The first thing to consider is investing in some kind of vacuum to try to minimize the amount of accumulated sludge, decaying plant debris, etc. from the water. Having a high-pressure washer or hose nozzle is handy to drive away some of the algae on the rocks and sides of the pond as well as tackle stubborn leaves that are stuck there as well. For the surface, a fish net is the perfect tool to skim the surface and get all those fallen leaves before they decompose and turn to muck. To avoid leaves falling in the pond, leaf netting or a cover can come in handy and will make the cleaning easier to maintain. It will also protect your fish and plants from the cold and hungry predators. We suggest doing a partial water change in fall so using a chlorine remover helps to remove harmful chemicals in the tap water so your fish and plants will be safe. Adding a pond cleaner tablet promotes a healthy aquatic environment while adding beneficial bacteria, enzymes, and barley that break down fish waste, phosphates, and other pollutants…pretty much everything that makes your water look disgusting.

So before you start your holiday shopping, pick up these tools and get to work! You will not be disappointed come spring when your pond is healthy and all you have to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy.