What Your Pond Represents

You can tell a lot about a person from their clothes, cars, and homes and their ponds are no exception. These possessions reflect who we are but also what they mean to us. When decorating a home, the colors you use, the type of furniture and decoration are all decided with specific intention that reflect our personalities but also the mood we want to set. The same goes for designing and decorating your pond. In order to create your perfect pond, you have to think about what you’d like your pond to represent.

Sometimes it can be helpful to envision your pond and brainstorm feelings and words that identify the emotions you want to experience when enjoying your pond such as: peaceful, quietness, safety, connecting with myself or my loved ones, solitude, self-acceptance, feeling attuned to nature, a place to journal, or a place to feel calm. Once you identify the feeling or the essence of what you want your pond to represent it becomes a starting point for designing and decoration.

When thinking about what you would like to include in your pond such as fish, plant life, décor, lighting, water features, etc. Consider that ponds can subconsciously co-inside with our internal emotions. If you are an anxious person then you may want to have a pond that is a calming environment. The visual aesthetic and sound of running water is known to be soothing so incorporating a waterfall or fountain will help to reduce daily stress and anxiety. For low mood or depression you will probably want to enjoy your pond during daylight. Exposure to sunlight and being by water are two known factors that naturally boost mood. Decorating your yard and water garden with a beautiful bench or comfortable chair and lots of lush plants would be ideal to create an uplifting serene environment. If you want to connect with nature then consider using your pond as a natural wildlife refuge bringing animals right to your backyard. All types of animals gravitate towards water and depending on your locale, you can see wild birds, raccoons, turtles, frogs, butterflies, and dragonflies as well as all the underwater life. These critters will call the pond home, making it an interesting and enjoyable environment for family and friends.

We encourage the process of self-reflection to really get in touch with what you are feeling and what you want and need from your water garden. This will guarantee you to experience all the physical, mental, emotional, and aesthetic benefits that your pond has to offer. Get your thinking cap on and create your perfect pond now!