Pond 101

We offer several different types of filtration.

We offer several different types of filtration.


Remove debris before it enters the pump, protecting the pump and thereby leading to a longer pump life and better performance.

Mechanical filters

Work with a pump to move the water and catch large and small pieces of debris. 

Biological filters

Use beneficial bacteria to naturally break down organic decaying material.  

Pressurized filters

Combine the power of mechanical and biological filtration. The pressure in the filter pushes the water through the filter so that the maximum amount of debris removed and it also allows you to return the water back to the pond through a spitter or small waterfall. The filter pads (mechanical) catch debris, fine and coarse, while the bio-balls (biological) aid in the growth of beneficial bacteria.

Ultraviolet (UV) Light Technology

Ensures water clarity and a healthy pond environment for plants and fish. Water is pumped through a carefully calibrated UV chamber at just the right speed to provide maximum exposure. The UV light helps clean the green out of the water. The results are a crystal clear and healthy pond you can enjoy all year round.

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