Water Treatments

Pond 101


Before using water treatments, check out these important tips!

AERATION! Make certain that your pond has vigorous aeration (ie. fountain, waterfall, or other aeration device) to avoid fish loss due to low oxygen levels. Do not shut pond pumps and aeration devices off at night. >> Learn more
OVERCROWDING! Ensure your fish are not overcrowded. Knowing how many fish should live in your pond can be confusing but there are a few ways to calculate the perfect amount. >> Learn more

Chlorine Remover Plus

When: Use when adding water or introducing new fish to the pond. Also use when opening your pond in spring, during spring, and when closing in winter.
Why: Removes chlorine with natural botanicals extracts that also help with improving fish slime coat and reducing infections. 

Water Clarifier

When: Use when you have cloudy water.
Why: Quickly clears water and eliminates floating particles.     

Sludge Remover

When: To help reduce maintenance and control sludge. Utilize when opening your pond, during the spring season and when closing your pond.
Why: Improves filter efficiency, maintains a healthy eco-system and helps reduce organic build up on the bottom of the pond.      

Barley Pond Clarifier

When: Use when pond water is murky.
Why: Natural solution to help minimize the nutrient load.   

Pond Cleaner Tablets

When: Use when pond water is murky.
Why: Boosts beneficial bacteria, keeps water clean, clear and healthy by reducing organic loads in the water.

Pond Blue

When: As needed.
Why: Creates beautiful blue water, hides fish from predators and shades water from harmful UV rays. 


When: Use when green water or algae appear.
Why: Prevents and stops algae growth.