Classic Urn Fountain

Do-it-Yourself Project Tutorial

How to add A

Small Waterfall

Items You Will Need:

  • Waterfall Cascade
  • 1200 GPH Waterfall Pump
  • 1 in. ID Corrugated Tubing

Step by Step



Decide where you’d like to see the waterfall. Consider your view from indoors and outdoors. Measure out the distance and height of where you would like the waterfall to be relative to the edge of your pond.


When you are happy with the location of the waterfall, connect the tubing to the pump.

TIP! Secure the tubing fit with a hose clamp.


Once the tubing is securely connected, place the pump in the pond.


Attach the tubing to the adaptor.

TIP! Secure the fit with a hose clamp.


Position the spillway.


To complete the look, stack the rocks and stones around and on the Spillway as a natural disguise. Enjoy!