5 Ways to Enjoy Your Pond in Summer

Whether you are adding or fixing up your pond, it takes a lot of work to make it just right.  That hard work pays off though when you can reap all the benefits it has to offer.  The warm weather seasons are the perfect time to take advantage of this outdoor space and below are 5 ways to enjoy your pond this summer.

Before you can fully maximize your pond side experience, make sure your water garden’s aesthetic is up to par.  You can improve its visual appeal by adding a cascading waterfall that will immediately create an element of elegance to your pond.   Lighting also adds a beautiful feature to your waterfall as well as your pond.  Total Pond offers a cascading waterfall with white LED lights or you can add the lighting manually by using mini LED lights, larger colored pond and landscape LED lights, or floating lights that add a nice touch to the water.  The spotlighting will pull focus to your pond and allow it to glow during the night hours.  Making sure the pond water is clear is also important so using treatments like Algaecide and Water Clarifier will get that crystal clear water all pond-owners aim for.  Adding aquatic plants like pond lilies and cattails add a lush healthy appearance.  Gardening is not only a fun hobby but once you have vibrant flowers in and surrounding your pond the colors will not only catch your eye but can attract birds and butterflies to your water garden.  Using a plant basket can help for easy plant maintenance and give a manicured look to your pond.  And of course fish can only enhance the aesthetic but make sure you add the fish using the proper procedures to avoid overpopulation harm to the pond ecosystem.  If you are adding fish then make sure to incorporate more aeration during those hot summer months.  You can add a simple aerator or you can add a water feature like nozzle kits that give a fountain like appearance while adding oxygen to the water.  You can also use decorative pieces like spitters ranging from a cute little ceramic frog, a blue koi, a more classic urn, to a rustic watering can spitter.  Once your pond is picturesque, you are ready to reap the benefits. 

Here are five ways to enjoy your pond during the summer:

  1. Your pond is a great place to sit and relax.  Picture yourself lounging next to your pond with a refreshing lemonade or sprawled out on a hammock listening to the continuous stream of the waterfall feeling the light breeze against your face.  Immediately a feeling of Zen overcomes you.  Forget all the troubles of the day by making your water garden your own little safe haven. 
  2. Appreciate that you have added value to your home.  While creating or enhancing a pond is a great way to escape for a few hours and de-stress, it is also adding value to your biggest investment, your home.  Designing a decorative landscape by adding a pond and/or water feature is a fun way to increase the value of your investment as you create your own personal oasis.
  3. You’ll gain a hobby.  Pond maintenance will definitely be a learning experience.  As you learn more about the details of maintaining water quality, keeping healthy koi or aquatic plants, and cleaning your pump and filter, the pond you envisioned will come to life and give you more satisfaction as a hobbyist.   
  4. Enjoy a wildlife habitat.  A pond is a great way to attract different species of wildlife, if you are into that sort of thing.  All types of animals gravitate towards water and depending on your locale, you can see wild birds, raccoons, turtles, frogs, butterflies, and dragonflies as well as all the underwater life.  These critters will call the pond home, making it an interesting and enjoyable environment for family and friends.
  5. Take advantage of a naturally therapeutic environment.  Water and water features are known to have a therapeutic effect on the body, which we discussed in a previous blog on the benefits of owning a pond.  Even after a therapy session, nothing is more relaxing than sitting by your pond, taking in the beautiful sights of your water garden, hearing the movement of water as the worries of the day melt away, and finally enjoying the vibrant oasis you worked so hard to create.