5 Fun and Relaxing Ways to Enjoy a Pond This Summer

Creating and maintaining a beautiful pond takes dedication and effort, but the rewards are well worth it!  Summer is the perfect time to take advantage of this outdoor space. Here are 5 great ways to enjoy your pond this summer. 

Before you dive into enjoying your pond, enhance its beauty with some simple upgrades. Consider adding a cascading waterfall for a touch of elegance. Lighting can transform your pond at night; choose from options like a waterfall with white lights, or color-changing pond and landscape lights for a magical glow. Clear water is key to a stunning pond, so use treatments like Liquid Barley monthly to stop green water before it starts by minimizing the water’s nutrient load. Adding aquatic plants such as pond lilies and cattails will bring a lush, vibrant look, attracting birds and butterflies. Use plant baskets for easy maintenance and a tidy appearance. Fish can also enhance the pond’s appeal, but ensure you follow proper procedures to maintain a healthy ecosystem. More aeration is essential during hot months, so consider adding an aerator or a water feature like a fountain nozzle. Decorative pieces like spitters can add character to your pond. With these enhancements, your pond will be picture-perfect and ready for enjoyment. 

  1. Increase your home's value with a stunning pond.  A well-designed pond does more than beautify your yard; it significantly boosts your property value.  Designing a decorative landscape by adding a pond and/or water feature is a fun way to increase the value of your investment as you create your own personal oasis.  
  2. Your pond is a great place to relax and unwind. Imagine lounging beside it with a refreshing lemonade or stretching out on a hammock, listening to the soothing sound of the waterfall.  Immediately a feeling of Zen overcomes you.  Forget all the troubles of the day by turning your garden into a personal haven.  
  3. Dive into a new hobby.  Pond maintenance can be a rewarding and educational hobby.  As you learn about water quality, caring for koi or aquatic plants, and maintaining pumps and filters, your pond will flourish. This hands-on experience brings satisfaction and joy as your vision comes to life.    
  4. Enjoy a wildlife habitat in your backyard.  Ponds attract a variety of wildlife, making your garden a lively and fascinating place. Depending on your location, you might see wild birds, raccoons, turtles, frogs, deer, butterflies, and dragonflies as well as all the underwater life.  These creatures will make your pond an interesting and enjoyable environment for family and friends. 
  5. Experience natural therapy by your pond.  Water has a naturally calming effect on the body and mind. After a busy day, nothing beats sitting by your pond, taking in the serene sights and sounds. The therapeutic benefits of your water garden can help melt away worries, leaving you refreshed and relaxed.  

By making these simple improvements and embracing these enjoyable activities, you can fully appreciate the beauty and tranquility your pond brings. This summer, let your pond become your sanctuary, a place of joy, relaxation, and natural beauty.