Aquatic Plant Basket


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  • Provide strong, durable housing for aquatic plants with the TotalPond Aquatic Plant Basket.
  • Safety for aquatic plants: The basket keeps most aquatic plants safe and stationary, while ensuring a manicured look in your pond.
  • Versatile use: The Aquatic Plant Basket is suitable for bog plants, water grasses, and submerged plants.
  • Keep roots under control: The basket helps protect your pond liner from being punctured by plant roots.
  • Supports plant growth: Hole size is optimized to contain the aquatic soil and allow for water to flow through.
  • Easy maintenance: Simply pick your plants up out of the water to trim, propagate, and treat for pests.
  • Quick installation: Place the aquatic plant and soil in the basket and carefully lower it into your pond.
  • Good for all seasons: Effortlessly move the plant basket to the right place and depth in your pond; deeper in the colder months and shallower in the warmer months.
  • Dimensions: 10 x 10 x 6 in.
  • Built to last: This plant basket is supported by a 90-day manufacturer warranty.

Learn how to use the plant basket.

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