Aquatic Plant Basket

Fill the plant basket with soil

Fill the Aquatic Plant Basket with an aquatic plant mix.

Place the plant in the basket

Place the aquatic plant in the center and fill in around the plant with aquatic plant mix.

TIP! When removing the aquatic plant from its container, gently loosen the root ball.

Water the plant

Throughly water the basket to help compact the aquatic plant mix.

TIP! Add a layer of gravel substrate to keep the soil in place.

Place the plant basket in your pond

Carefully lower the plant basket into the pond.

About the TotalPond® Aquatic Plant Basket

Plant Basket
Basket provides housing for aquatic plants
Plant Basket dimensions
Plant Basket supports plant growth
Plant Basket is easy to install
Plant Basket is easy to move in your pond
Plant Basket is suitable for most aquatic plants
Plant Basket makes plant maintenance easy
  • Provide strong, durable housing for aquatic plants with the TotalPond Aquatic Plant Basket.
  • Safety for aquatic plants: The basket keeps most aquatic plants safe and stationary, while ensuring a manicured look in your pond.
  • Versatile use: The Aquatic Plant Basket is suitable for bog plants, water grasses, and submerged plants.
  • Keep roots under control: The basket helps protect your pond liner from being punctured by plant roots.
  • Supports plant growth: Hole size is optimized to contain the aquatic soil and allow for water to flow through.
  • Easy maintenance: Simply pick your plants up out of the water to trim, propagate, and treat for pests.
  • Quick installation: Place the aquatic plant and soil in the basket and carefully lower it into your pond.
  • Good for all seasons: Effortlessly move the plant basket to the right place and depth in your pond; deeper in the colder months and shallower in the warmer months.
  • Dimensions: 10 x 10 x 6 in.
  • Built to last: This plant basket is supported by a 90-day manufacturer warranty.