Adding a Water Feature with Limited Space

No matter how cozy your space may be, creating a delightful water feature is totally doable! A fantastic and enjoyable approach to adding that refreshing touch of water to your home is by trying out a fun DIY project. DIY projects provide you a way to make your home unique and it creates a further dimension to your space. You also have better control over the scale, shape, and overall aesthetic. Below are a few types of water features that are perfect for smaller spaces.  

Patio Ponds - A soothing, minimalist water feature 

If you don't have the space for a fully developed pond, but still want to enjoy the beauty of aquatic plants and the sound of water, consider adding a patio pond. A patio pond is a small above-ground water garden that has aquatic plants and can be home to select small fish. The basic elements of a patio pond are a container, pump and filtration (if you have fish). Depending on the size of the container, you can also add décor for aeration. A patio pond should be at least 18” in diameter and at least 5”-8” deep to support aquatic plant's needs. Native aquatic plants act as natural filtration, which is why you don't need a filter unless you include fish in your patio pond. If you want to include fish, you need to do your research and make sure your patio pond is big enough to provide a healthy ecosystem.  

Get inspired by our Zen Patio Pond project.

Container Fountains - Perfect for all spaces, and occasions 

Incorporating water into your space and never been easier, or more fun! A container fountain is a type of water feature using a planter. These one-of-a-kind DIY pieces are perfect for everyday use on the porch, patio, yard or deck. Also great for weddings, charity events, or other special occasions.  

We make it easy to create your own unique Container Fountain with our all-in-one kit. In a few easy steps you can transform your favorite planter into a unique feature.  

Get inspired with our Fountain Projects.   

Tabletop and small fountains 

Sometimes the smallest things can have the most impact. Adding a small fountain to your space gives you the calming ambiance of flowing water, but in a compact size. You can create your own with a planter and pump, or you can purchase a statuary fountain. There are so many design options to choose from whether you shop online, at a garden center, or at a local art festival. 

Incorporating a water feature into your home, no matter how snug your space may be, is exciting! DIY projects not only allow you to infuse your living area with your unique style but also add an extra dimension of tranquility and beauty. With DIY, you're the master of scale, shape, and overall aesthetic, making your water feature truly one-of-a-kind. Whether you opt for a serene patio pond, a versatile container fountain, or a charming tabletop fountain, there's a perfect fit for every nook and cranny. Dive into our inspiring projects and let your creativity flow!