Benefits of Pondless Water Features

Landscaping designs can help make a home feel complete while creating a unique space that is representative of your personality. We love ponds but if you don’t have the space, money, or time for a water garden then pondless water features are a great way to add sound, movement, and texture to your landscaping design. Below are some wonderful benefits of pondless water features you can look forward to.

First we’ll give a little background on pondless water features. They are also referred to as, "disappearing ponds" because they don't have open water at the bottom of the cascade. Alternatively, they use a water reservoir, a recirculating pump, and rock or other material for the water to stream. The water flows through a rock base over the reservoir and disappears, and this cycle endlessly continues. No matter your budget or yard size, there is a pondless water feature that will add a beautiful aesthetic to your landscape. With any design, you will enjoy the following benefits:

Sights and Sounds of Running Water: As you are relaxing in your yard the sound of running water can create a soothing effect while displacing background noise like traffic or a noisy air conditioner. Being by water can promote calmness, focus, creativity, better sleep quality, and something called the blue-mind, coined by Wallace J. Nichols which we discuss in more detail in our blog on the Psychological Benefits To Having a Water Feature.
Create a Low Maintenance Area of Your Yard: Cut back on lawn maintenance by adding a pondless water feature. The only upkeep required of pondless water features is adding a small amount of water to the reservoir every couple of weeks to replace evaporated water.
Save money: Pondless water features are more cost effective than other types of water features. There is less labor and maintenance involved than with a traditional water garden, and you'll also have fewer rocks, equipment, chemicals or treatments, and other materials to take into consideration. There’s only minor installation and tons of enjoyment.
Establish a Landscape Focal Point: One of the trademarks of professional landscaping is a variation in sights and textures. A waterfall not only adds movement but also helps to give the landscape design a sense of purpose and order and can be a real highlight in your yard. The pondless water feature can be eye-catching and dramatic or if you're more in need of a peaceful environment, your water feature can be designed to be more low-key and relaxing.
Safe Place for Kids and Pets: Families with pets and children can install a pondless water feature without worry because there is no open water or danger of drowning. This means no fenced off areas or taking time to train your kids and pets to stay clear. There's also no standing water for harmful algae and bacteria to grow, which could make pets sick.

Get a jump start on summer and add a pondless water feature to your landscape and reap all these benefits right in your own backyard!