Benefits of UV Technology For Your Pond

Keeping your pond water crystal clear and healthy seems like a lot of work. You can use products with chemicals but then it’s not safe for your fish and plants. So how do you safely sterilize the water without it feeling like a chore? The best option is to use UV technology.

Ultraviolet light disinfects water and kills free-floating algae. The purification process happens automatically and continuously disinfects without special attention or overdosing dangerous chemicals. Ultraviolet sterilizers will allow a new pond to establish a balance sooner. It will also quickly assist in the re-balancing of an existing pond. The process is economical with hundreds of gallons purified for each penny of operation cost.

How it works is the UV filter acts as a sterilizer which utilizes a germicidal fluorescent lamp that produces light at a wavelength of approximately 254 nanometers. The water with the bacteria and/or algae passes over the bulb (or around the bulb if a quartz sleeve is used) and is exposed to this wavelength. As the light penetrates the bacteria and/or algae, it mutates the DNA preventing growth or reproduction of the organism. Having bacteria-free water prevents micro-organisms from growing or spreading without producing by-products toxic to your marine life.

Don’t worry, UV pond filters will not kill fish and beneficial bacteria since not all of the water will pass through the UV in one circulation. And although the UV filter will do a great job, you still need to use a biological filter. The biological filter will break down the ammonia released from fish as well as break down the dead organics, like the algae, killed by the UV technology. The biological filter and the liner will provide beneficial bacteria that your pond needs to maintain a healthy ecosystem.

You can use a simple product like TotalPond’s UV Pond Clarifier and buy the biological filter separate. There are also products that have a 4 in 1 cleaning process that adds a water feature and decorative lighting like the Complete Floating Fountain with UV Cleaning Power. But the ultimate cleaning product is the Complete Pressurized Pond Filter with UV Clarifier that removes debris, adds essential bacteria, and minimizes algae. It includes a coarse black filter, fine blue filter, bio-balls, and a 9-watt UV bulb. Light maintenance is needed on all these products to keep them working effectively but UV light decreases with age, and in most cases, the bulb needs replacement every 6 months.

UV technology provides the safest way to ensure clean and healthy water in your pond. Enjoy your fish and plants the cost efficient and easy way.