Decorating Your Home With Indoor Water Features

After a long day at the office, a crazy exhausting day chasing after your kids, or dealing with the stressors each day can bring, what can ease your troubles and make life a lot better? You’ve guessed it…decorating your home with indoor water features! Not only are there psychological and physiological benefits to adding water to your home but they also serve as unique décor to complete the ambiance you are trying to achieve.

So what kind of indoor water features are available? The sky is the limit! Well maybe not the sky, but there are a ton of different types, styles, sizes, and designs. There are all kinds of fountains you can install in the home. There are interior wall fountains that add a chic look to an open room or can create a focal point in a large hallway. Placing these in a large area like a living room is a good idea so it can be fully enjoyed. Another way to add water is by building a cascading waterfall directly into the wall where the water beautifully cascades directly into a decorative basin. There are also large floor fountains that offer the same effect as a wall fountain. The variety of indoor fountains is expansive ranging from the classic tiered elaborate fountain that can be placed in an open foyer to a Zen tabletop fountain placed on your desk or nightstand. These fountains can serve as a statement piece, a key element to the relaxation hub of your home, or a more decorative option to a standard ugly white noise machine or humidifier you’d find at a home improvement store. We think most people would rather hear running water and look at a calming wall fountain than hear a noisy plastic rotating air purifier. But we could be wrong.

As we mentioned above, not only do indoor water features add a lovely décor, but they have health benefits too. Experts maintain that running water has a soothing effect. This therapeutic effect exponentially intensifies in the actual presence of running water. An indoor fountain or waterfall can enhance both your psychological and physiological health, making your home a place where you can rejuvenate and recharge. Fountains offer relaxation and stress relief. They can be placed in any room to create the relaxing environment you desire. The sounds and aesthetics of running water can relax your mind, even reducing tension in your joints and muscles, which in effect relieves stress. Fountains also promote better sleep cycles and more restful sleep has many far-reaching health effects. For those who are sensitive to house sounds like a refrigerator humming or cars passing, flowing water provides the most relaxing white noise you can purchase. Using fountains as white noise also enhances sleep quality. Water indoors helps humidify the air in our homes, especially in winter, when the air can become dry. This can cause health issues, but at the very least can dry and irritate the skin making it itchy and uncomfortable. Indoor water fountains naturally add moisture to the air, which not only benefits humans but plants too. You can also improve the air quality in your home with indoor water fountains at they serve as an air purifier. Air purifiers produce negative ions that attract dirt particles and other irritants that compromise air quality. These devises however are often unattractive and make annoying sounds. Running water also produces negative ions and fountains pull these particles into the water where they can be purified and effectively leave you breathing in cleaner air.

Purchasing a high quality fountain will ensure you reap the benefits of indoor water features. Making sure you have a high quality fountain pump is important for the longevity of a fountain as well as its function. You want one that is innovative, quiet and energy smart so that you don’t have to replace it often or hear it working which may defeat the purpose of having a water feature altogether. Some maintenance is required but using fountain tablet cleaners will make this occurrence less frequent and the task less labor intensive.

So whether you want to add a beautiful décor to your home, want better sleep, a stress free/relaxation zone, or just like the way running water sounds then adding an indoor water feature is the way to go. The benefits you’ll gain from its use will make the whole family happy and healthy.