Essential Summer Pond Equipment

Summer is the best time to take full advantage of your water garden. Relaxing by your pond offers tranquility in nature but cloudy murky water and dreadful odors can ruin this experience entirely. We discussed in previous posts about algae and how to control it, but algae is your worst enemy in summer and some light maintenance is needed to keep your pond balanced. In order to keep this balance, there is some essential pond equipment we recommend.

Fish Net

Keeping the surface of your pond clear is not only visually appealing but is also beneficial because removing any dead foliage or leaves will help reduce nutrient levels that cause algae blooms. We recommend getting a fish net to manually get rid of the debris on the surface of the water.


As the temperature rises, warmer water holds less oxygen, which is dangerous to fish and plant life and also happens to be a perfect breeding ground for algae. Waterfalls, fountains, and spitters offer decorative ways to add oxygen but you can also add a pond aerator.

Filters and Pumps

Making sure you have good filtration is important to combat algae and keep your pond ecosystem thriving. Pressurized biological filters promote healthy bacterial growth while purifying, stabilizing, and fortifying your pond water. If you already have one then give it a good cleaning during summer to ensure it is not clogged with debris. Quality pumps are also important and Total Pond offers a Complete Filter Kit with 300 GPH Pump that is ideal for small ponds. Whatever size pond you have, make sure to get a good pump for circulation…and to help keep those pesky mosquitos away!

Water Treatments

Water treatments are essential for crystal clear water that will aid in your viewing pleasure of your precious aquatic life. During spring-cleaning we recommend doing a partial water change. Often the water coming from your hose contains chlorine. Using multiple applications of Chlorine remover is essential in eliminating chlorine from the water as well as getting rid of excess nutrients that cause algae to grow. Some other useful treatments are sludge remover, algaecide, water clarifier, and barley pond clarifier for high water quality. Also using pond cleaner tablets add beneficial bacteria that assist in breaking down fish waste and other pollutants, which is needed during the summer months when fish are most active.

UV Clarifiers

What’s better than a tool that does the cleaning for you? Nothing and that’s exactly why you need UV clarifiers in your pond. It uses UV light technology to sterilize the water and prevent nasty odors and green murky water caused by algae.

Now that you have a list of must have pond equipment, make sure to stock up so you can spend less time maintaining your pond and more time enjoying it.