Fall Decorations for Your Pond

With fall being a big holiday season, decorating becomes a top priority on your to do list and your pond should be included in this festive custom. Since the weather is so enjoyable to be outside during the day and night, creating the perfect autumn ambiance for your pond will make spending time by your water garden more enjoyable. To help you out, we have come up with some suggestions for fall decorations for your pond from water features and plants to lighting and décor.

From the soothing sounds of a cascading waterfall to the stunning display of a three-tier fountain nozzle, water features can enhance the look and feel of your pond. These features also add oxygen to the water for a healthy thriving aquatic environment.

Spending time by the pond in the crisp night is a luxury you can only take advantage of for a few months before it becomes too cold, so having the perfect lighting is key. Using LED lights, colored lights, or floating lights really set the mood. If you are creative you can create your own lighting. Using Mason Jar Luminaries, or candles in a mason jar, can create a romantic feel for a night with your loved one or a spooky feel for a Halloween gathering.

Plants are not only good for the pond environment but can also give your water garden a pop of color and a homey feel. The Water Poppy makes for a pleasant and cheery surface-floating plant. This tender perennial has creamy-yellow flowers with velvety-brown centers. The Water Poppy will continue to bloom into the fall until the first frost. Mangkala Ubol is another creamy yellow/peach colored plant that enhances the fall palette. This hardy water lily has a lovely scent and blooms non-stop until fall. The lily pads are green with a burgundy variation. The chameleon plant goes nicely with the other plants and features boldly multicolored leaves of red, pink, white, green, and yellow that are reminiscent of fall foliage. They will grow to about one foot tall. To fill out empty spaces, Sedge is an ornamental grass we recommend and adds a harvest feel to the pond.

It’s the décor that really completes the beautiful aesthetic of a pond. Using a spitter helps aerate the water but also adds a decorative flair to your water garden. There are varieties of rustic spitters like an urn or a watering can that doubles as a planter. There are also animal spitters like a frog, turtle, or blue koi that add a whimsical aspect. But again, if you are a DIY handy type of person, creating your own ornamental garden art adds a homey touch. One great piece of garden art perfect for Halloween is the Tin Can Man Decoration that you can make yourself. You can also make little mushrooms, which go with the autumn décor. Using pumpkins and a haystack could give the pond a nice holiday feel. However, because your pond is a sanctuary for wildlife, having real pumpkins may attract more animals that may destroy your pumpkins. Opting for fake pumpkins could be a beneficial and cost effective move.

So make a list and get shopping so you can create the perfect fall ambiance for your pond!