Meaning Making in Designing Your Pond

Ponds tend to be decorative features added to your yard, an office building, park, or any place that has room for a water feature. From an objective standpoint designing your pond can seem like it involves only taking into account logistical planning and steps for construction. However, there is a subjective part of the process where there is meaning making in designing your pond.

What we are really asking is what do you want your pond to convey. Is it communicating something about yourself? Does it have the purpose of being a calming place to relax or the focal point of your yard for entertaining guests? Considering your intention when designing your pond will help to create your perfect water garden.

First let’s start with what purpose will your pond serve to you and/or your family? Thinking about this will help to figure out where and what type of design you should be researching and implementing. Water is known to have a soothing effect so incorporating a water feature in your yard may serve to help reduce daily stress and anxiety. Maybe you are looking for a hobby and have an interest in Koi and feel a Koi pond would be a good way to get involved. Whatever your purpose is will help to move on to the next steps of design, construction, and decoration.

After figuring out your pond’s purpose, think about what message you want to convey? If you are looking to portray a peaceful and Zen environment you may be trying to say I feel grounded and balanced. This can lead to deciding what area of the yard is most relaxing and what decoration can enhance this message like a cascading waterfall or a floating lotus torch since the lotus plant represents spiritual enlightenment and rebirth. However, maybe your message is that you want people to know that you are successful and proud of your accomplishments. This may direct your design and décor to be more eye-catching with an aesthetic focus. You many want to incorporate a fountain with color changing LED lights that can highlight your pond. This can really set the mood when entertaining guests or even just enjoying your yard with the family. Quality time at your water garden can be a constant reminder of your hard work.

If you have been thinking about constructing a pond or want to redesign your existing one then really think about the intention of your pond and what you want it to convey. This way you will make the most of your water garden and be able to fully enjoy all its benefits.