Minimalist Water Features

Having a pond can add beauty to your yard but can be a lot of work. Incorporating minimalist water features to your yard or home can add a gorgeous aesthetic while creating more space and requiring little maintenance.

Whether indoor or outdoor, the soothing sound of a contemporary waterfall or fountain brings a further dimension to the space. The size of any water feature should be kept in scale with the space and fit into the set geometry. Any water feature used in minimalist designs must be beautifully executed and detailed, perfect in construction and maintenance, and care must be taken with water levels, pond hygiene, and even the disguising of any pond lining. Water features in a minimalist design tend to be understated. They should be part of the overall scheme rather than added decoration. The materials used should be natural substances with neutral tones. The water feature provides movement but should also have strong lines and a clear purpose, creating a feeling of calm.

Some indoor water features that can add to a minimalist décor are interior wall fountains or installing a cascading waterfall directly into the wall where the water beautifully cascades directly into a decorative basin. There are also large floor fountains that offer the same effect as a wall fountain.

Outdoor features offer more options that can compliment your garden. The cascading waterfall can also be installed directly into the wall outside your house or above a simple pond. Adding fountain nozzles to a modest pond can add movement and the soothing sound of running water that goes with the theme of the yard. If you are handy and creative, funneling your drainage can create rainwater art, resembling a waterfall, by fashioning your pipes into great passageways. This is a creative way to conserve and use rainwater! A Zen water garden fits the minimalist style with its simple lines and exudes a relaxing vibe. Another water feature, which is easy to install is bamboo drainage. Mount a bamboo ledge as a water pipe on your fence or wall. By placing it in a slanting fashion where the next bamboo segment perfectly captures the passing water, you’d get a water feature installation that’s also one with nature.

If simple décor, clean lines, more open space, and low maintenance sounds appealing then minimalist water features will be a great addition to your home.