Spring Checklist for the Perfect Pond

As the clocks move forward and the sun sets later, relaxing by the pond seems more appealing by the minute. It would be great if you could have your pond set up and ready to go with a snap of your fingers but unfortunately technology hasn’t come that far just yet! But Spring is right around the corner and now is the time to start preparing your pond for the warm weather. To help you out, we’ve come up with a checklist of things to do for your pond this Spring.

Check Out Your Pond

Jumping in and getting right to work is always our first instinct, but preparation is key. It’s best to start in early Spring so you can have your pond ready to go when the warm weather hits. Start by inspecting the area around your pond to make sure there aren’t any potential hazards or areas that have weakened from the cold winter weather. Look at the rocks and landscape around the pond that may have shifted from the winter conditions. Then clean and check out your equipment to see what state it’s in. See if there is wear and tear in the pond liners, nets, and maintenance equipment, and cracks and holes in streams, waterfalls, pumps, and filters. Leaks and poor water quality will ruin pond season and can wreak havoc on your bank account if not taken care of immediately. Also make sure that the plumbing is working efficiently. If you have an Ultraviolet Sterilizer or Clarifier, which are highly recommended products that effortlessly clean the water, then make sure to inspect those as well. Check the quartz sleeve to make sure it’s clean and functioning and replace the UV Sterilizer bulb every Spring. The bulb’s efficiency degrades over time so replacing it every Spring will ensure peak performance when it gets hot and you need it most. Take note of what needs repairs, replacements, and any additions you have been thinking about making.

Make A List

It seems like more work to make a list but the benefits outweigh the little time it takes to compile all the things you need to do. Taking on any project, especially restoring your pond, can be overwhelming but if you make a list of what you need to do and get, things will seem more manageable. You can see your progress by checking things off your list as you complete them. On your list should be any supplies you are low on like fish food or fertilizer. Believe it or not, fish need cold water food and regular weather food to maintain a strong digestive system, so splurge and buy both to keep those fish happy and healthy. Remember to include any cleaning supplies and products like water treatments, filters, UV technology, and aerators. Add to the list any items that need repair and new products like pumps that will help with the water flow or items that are needed to fill the pond like liners, seaming tape, sealant, and tubing. While doing this, you may think of a few additions you wanted to add to the pond to decorate. Adding a water feature like TotalPond’s Large Pond Nozzle Kit with LED lighting can set the mood for a relaxing or romantic ambiance. The small touches can really make a difference.

Clean Your Pond and Equipment

Spring cleaning is not just for the home, it applies to your pond too. Start by cleaning the area around your pond first. After the winter, your pond can accumulate leaves, branches, and other debris, even with the proper netting, so use a skimming net to remove leaves and debris and a pond vacuum for leaves and the dreaded sludge. For a proper cleaning, it’s a good idea to pump out the water into a large tub or kiddie pool. If you have fish, empty the pond until the water is just above the fish and use a fish net to get the fish out. Put them in a container with some of the pond water. Then pump out the rest of the water and use the vacuum to remove the sludge. Using Sludge Remover will keep your filter sludge free and is safe for your plants and fish. Be careful not to remove the velvety algae that coats the liner, it’s good bacteria that helps keep the pond’s ecosystem healthy. When the pond is up to your standards, pump the water with the fish into the pond and add Chlorine Remover. Slowly add water from the hose into the pond so you don’t shock the ecosystem. Make sure to gently clean the pumps and filters for the pond and any water features as algae and bacteria can build up and destroy the water quality.

Test The Water

High water quality is the most essential piece to having the perfect pond. If the quality is bad then forget relaxing by the pond. To prevent wasting time restoring balance the entire season, make sure to test the water to see if the nitrate and ammonia levels are at zero. Partial water changes can restore balance and rid the water of organic pollutants. Use Pond Cleaner Tablets and Algaecide to prevent build up and maintain balance and quality all season long.


Now is the fun part! Decorate your pond to change it up or make your vision a reality. Whether it’s a waterfall, decorative lighting, lily pads, or a blue Koi spitter to match your Koi collection, the addition can add a pop to your pond or water garden.

Hopefully this list will give you the jump start you need to get your pond in order. The sooner you start, the sooner you can sit back and enjoy!