Above-Ground Pond

Products You Will Need:
20-gallon rigid liner
Complete Filter Box with Pump
1/2 in. ID Vinyl Tubing (optional)
Spitter (optional)

Tools You Will Need:
Chisel & Hammer
Protective gloves
Safety Eyewear

Decorative Items You Will Need:
30-40 paver stones


Place the rigid liner in the desired location and mark where the wall blocks should rest. Place the base row 6” away from the bottom of the liner.

TIP! To prepare the base row on a solid surface, the rear “lips” of the block must be removed by striking them with a sledgehammer (approximately ten stones).


Begin building the next tier of the pond wall. Each block has a “lip” located on the back of the stone. This lip creates a “lock” effect. When placing the lip down, make sure it is centered over the gap of the bottom tier. Repeat step three for the third and fourth tiers

TIP! The seams should not line up when creating the second, third and fourth tiers.


Add Complete Filter Kit with Pump. Fill the rigid liner with water to 2” below the top of the liner.

Optional! Add a spitter by attaching 1/2 in. ID Vinyl Tubing to the diverter valve of the Complete Filter Kit.