Above-Ground Pond with Spillway

Above-Ground Pond with Spillway final product

Products You Will Need:
Waterfall Spillway with LED Lights
10 ft. x 13 ft. PVC Liner
1200 GPH-2250 GPH Waterfall Pump 
1 in. - 1.5 in. ID Corrugated Tubing

Tools You Will Need:
Protective gloves
Tape measure
Paver stones

Decorative Items You Will Need:
6 Mini LED Lights (optional)
Pond & Landscape Lights (optional)
Floating Lily Pad Variety Pack (optional)
Tabletop torches (optional)
Pea gravel (optional)

layout the design of your diy pond


Begin by using twine to layout the base of your new water feature. Following the twine, lay the first row of paver stones.

Be sure to use a level to ensure the feature does not slope.

continue layin paver stones


Continue laying paver stones, leveling periodically. Lay a middle line of pavers, this will be the wall your spillway sits in.

lay the pond liner


Once you’ve constructed 3/4 of the water basin portion of your feature, lay your liner over that portion and cut away the excess.

continue adding pavers to the water basin


Continue adding pavers to secure the liner. Once you’ve completed the water basin portion, proceed with building up the back of the water feature.

add water to the above ground pond


Begin filling the water basin.

place the lit spillway


Assemble the 14 in. Water Cascade with White LED Lights, including attaching it to the pump with 1 in. tubing, and place the spillway between pavers.

place the waterfall pump


Once you’ve completed building your water feature, place the pump in your water basin.

how to build an above ground pond with spillway


Plug in the pump and the spillway. Enjoy!

add lighting and torches to your backyard creation


Optional! Add pea gravel and tabletop torches atop the backstop portion of your water feature for an additional attraction. The 6-pc LED Mini Lights and 3-pc Pond & Landscape Lights can also be added for more lighting in and around your new water feature.