Small Waterfall


What's a pond without the beautiful sounds of a waterfall?
Give your pond the aeration it craves and make your backyard dream a reality with TotalPond.

Add a small waterfall to your pond

TotalPond Products You Will Need:
Waterfall Spillway
1200 GPH Waterfall Pump
1 in. ID Corrugated Tubing

Tools You Will Need:
Tape Measure
Landscaping Stone
Hose Clamps (optional)
Waterfall Foam Sealant (optional)

Before you start planning or digging, take a look at these helpful tips!

Measure the height of your waterfall


Measure out the distance and height of where you would like the waterfall to be relative to the edge of your pond.

TIP! Choose a location on your pond that can be viewed from multiple angles. 

position the spillway


Carefully, position the spillway so the weir hangs over the water.

TIP 1! You can use a landscaping stone for additional height.

TIP 2! Make sure it is level for an even flow.

Connect tubing to the spillway


When you are happy with the location of the waterfall, attach one end of the tubing to the adaptor on the spillway.

Be sure to trim the tubing to the desired length based on the pump’s placement in the pond. Too much tubing can result in a lower flow.

TIP! Saw down the spillway adapter to ensure you have the strongest flow possible. We recommend using the largest tubing size.

Connect the tubing to the pump


After cutting the tubing to the length needed, connect the other end of the tubing to the pump.

TIP! For a more secure hold, use a hose clamp.

place the pump in the pond


Once the tubing is securely connected, place the pump in the pond. 

TIP! Use the included pumpshield to protect your waterfall pump from debris.

Place rocks on and around the spillway


To complete the look, stack the rocks and stones around and on the Spillway as a natural disguise.

TIP! Use Waterfall Foram Sealant as needed to fill in gaps and ensure even waterflow over the rocks.

Enjoy your new small waterfall


And now, it is time to sit back and enjoy your new creation!