Classic Urn Fountain

Do-it-Yourself Project Tutorial

How to build A

Large Waterfall

Items You Will Need:

  • 13 x 20 ft. PVC Pond Liners (2x)
  • Pressurized Pond Filter with UV Clarifier
  • 3600 GPH Waterfall Pump
  • 560 GPH Pond Pump
  • 1 ½ in. ID Corrugated Tubing
  • 3/4 in. ID Corrugated Tubing
  • Pond and Landscape LED Lights
  • Waterfall Foam Sealant
  • Seaming Tape

Step by Step



Ensure the area is level. Map out the shape and size of the overall pond using a rope or string.


Begin digging the pond. Use some of the dirt to help with leveling. Create an elevated 6-8 in. ledge around the perimeter to keep out unwanted water.


Determine the location and desired height of the waterfall’s first tier. Build this tier with stacked cinder blocks. Fill in any voids with dirt.

TIP! Level frequently to ensure an even flow.


To create the next two tiers, position a piece of slate approximately 10 in. under the flow path of the first tier. Build this tier firmly with additional cinder blocks and dirt. Ensure slate is level. Set aside the slate before placing the liner.


Unfold two 13 x 20 ft. PVC Pond Liners and cover the pond and waterfall, using Seaming Tape to merge them together. Place the smooth side of the liner down. The liner should extend at least 10 in. past the elevated edge.


Add the slate back into the waterfall. Continue adding large stones around the edge to anchor the liner. Trim and bury the excess liner or cover with stone and rock.


Tuck the liner tightly in all areas, while smoothing it and adding various types and sizes of rock. Place rocks in the bottom of the pond and around the edge until the liner is no longer visible (optional).


Place the 3600 GPH Waterfall Pump in its mesh barrier bag and at the base of the pond. Sitting the pump on top of a spare rock will eliminate the pump from clogging too frequently from debris at the very bottom of the pond.


Run 1 ½ in. ID Corrugated Tubing within a fold of the liner, around the edge of the pond, and set it at the top of the waterfall. This will be used to connect the filter and pump. Try to minimize the number of bends in the tubing to maximize water flow.


Install the Complete Pressurized Pond Filter with UV. The one section of corrugated tubing will connect it to the 560 GPH Pond Pump. Another section will run into the pond. Try to minimize the number of bends in the tubing to maximize water flow.


Add the Pond and Landscape Lights, nestling them snugly at the base of the waterfall. The cord can be tucked into a fold of the liner and hidden.


Spray Waterfall Foam Sealant in cracks and crevices of the waterfall to create a water-resistant seal and ensure efficient water flow over the rocks. Fill the pond with water while continuing to smooth the liner and placing additional rocks as needed. Enjoy!