Small Pond

Do you have a pond that could use a refresh? Now you can finally update that pond and make your backyard dream a reality with TotalPond. You’ll be proud of your creation as you make it your own and enjoy it day and night!

Revamped small pond

TotalPond Products You Will Need:
7 ft. x 10 ft. PVC Pond Liner
Complete Filter Kit with Pump
½ in. Vinyl Tubing
Spitter of your choice
Mini LED Light Set (optional)
Pond Pump

Tools You Will Need:
Rope or string
Garden hose
Scissors or cutting tool
Sand or old blanket (underlayment)

Decorative Items You Will Need:
Landscaping rocks and mulch

Before you start planning or digging, take a look at these helpful tips!

Phase 1: Dismantling the Current Pond

Clean out debris from the pond


Remove any large debris from the pond surface and any visible algae clusters. Disconnect any pond equipment from the power supply and remove for cleaning.

TIP! If there are fish in the pond, safely transfer them into a bucket using a fish net with some of the pond water.

Remove fish, products and drain the pond


After removing all the fish and large debris from your pond, start draining it. Use a Pond Pump, pumpshield, and tubing to move the water from your pond.

TIP! Direct the tubing from the pond into a flower bed. Some biological waste from your pond can be beneficial to your backyard. 

Remove the liner


When the pond has been completely drained remove any rocks, debris or equipment that may still be present. Carefully remove the old pond liner. Clear the hole and area to prepare for the new pond!

TIP! Before digging, call 811 to request that the approximate location of buried utilities be marked so that you don’t unintentionally dig into an underground utility line.

Plan your new pond's shape


Now’s your chance to layout the new shape of your pond. Start by mapping it out using a rope or string.

Start digging


Once you're satisfied with the shape, start digging. Keep some dirt for leveling. 

Make sure everything is level


Make sure the bottom of the pond is level from multiple perspectives. 

Phase 2: Creating your New Pond

Lay the new liner


Start by laying the liner. When laying it, there should be at least a 10-to-12-inch overhang. Make sure to pull the liner tight, smoothing out folds. Press it into all gaps to ensure a proper fit.

TIP! Use sand or an old blanket as underlayment in the hole to provide extra protection for the liner. 

Fill your new pond halfway


Now you’re ready to fill your pond. Fill to the halfway point of the pond to help smooth down liner; stop filling at the halfway point.

TIP! Use rocks to hold the liner in place.

Place the filter


Assemble the Complete Filter Kit with diverter valve. Attach the fountain nozzle. Place the assembled filter kit in the pond. Tilt the filter while putting it in the pond so water can fill the filter box. 

TIP! Use the included swivel adapter to easily adjust the fountain’s direction if the base of the kit is not on level ground.

Fill the pond and place rocks around


Continue filling up the pond with water. Smooth out any wrinkles in the liner as you fill the pond. Once the pond is full, secure the liner with stones. Place the stones around the perimeter of the pond.

Add decoration to your pond


Once you have finished placing the stones around the pond, attach one end of the ½ inch tubing to the diverter valve.

TIP! Make sure the flow control on the diverter valve is rotated to direct water to the spitter.

Add decoration to your pond


Attach the other end of the tubing to the spitter, and place the spitter in the desired location.

TIP! Use the included swivel adapter to easily adjust the fountain’s direction if the base of the kit is not on level ground.

Add lights to your pond


(Optional) Attach the dusk-to dawn-sensor to the light assembly if desired. Place the six mini lights in and around the pond. Use the swivel base to adjust the angle of each light.

TIP! Place the lights where they can shine on the water features, and place the dusk-to-dawn sensor in a spot it will receive direct sunlight. 

Cut away excess liner


Keep decorating around the pond with stones. Trim any excess liner. Then landscape around your pond with plants and mulch.

Decorate the surrounding area with plants


After everything is placed and landscaped, it is time to plug in the filter kit and the lights. Plug both into a properly grounded outlet.

TIP! Add Chlorine Remover to the water before introducing any fish or plants to the pond.

enjoy your new pond


Finally, it is time to sit back and enjoy your new pond during the day and at night!