Small Pond

Products You Will Need:
7 x 10 ft. PVC Pond Liner
Complete Filter Kit with Pump
Spitter & ½ in. ID Vinyl Tubing (optional)
Floating Lily Variety Pack (optional)

Tools You Will Need:
Rope or string

Decorative Items You Will Need:
Rocks and mulch

Before you start planning or digging, take a look at these tips!

mark the shape and location of the pond project


Start by using a piece of string or rope to mark the shape and location of the pond. For this 200 gallon pond, the approximate dimensions are 2 ft. x 5 ft., with a depth of 1.5 ft.

start digging the diy pond


Once you are happy with the shape, use a flat shovel to start digging the first tier of the pond. We recommend having levels in your pond. This will provide a shelf to hold plants and accessories.

TIP! Allow for 1-2 in. of extra depth for the underlayment.

dig the second tier of the pond


Begin digging the second tier of the pond to a depth of approximately 6-12 in. . Keep some dirt for leveling, while clearing all sharp rocks or debris that could puncture the liner from the soil.

If your pond includes fish, make sure it’s at least 24 in. at the deepest point.

test the pond liner's size and shape


Test the liner's size and shape by pressing it into all gaps to ensure a proper fit. Leave at least a 10-12 in. overhang. If roots and/or debris are present, line the bottom with old carpet or sand to protect the liner from punctures.

fill the pond with water


Begin filling the pond. Adjust the liner edges, smoothing any wrinkles as it fills. Stop filling at the halfway point.

assemble the filter kit with pump


Assemble the Complete Filter Kit with Pump using the nozzle head of your choice.

connect the spitter to the filter kit


Using ½ in. ID Vinyl Tubing, connect the spitter to the diverter valve on the assembled Complete Filter Kit with Pump (tubing and spitter not included in the kit).

place the pond decorations


Place the Complete Filter Kit with Pump assembly in the center of your pond and continue filling the pond with water.

use chlorine remover


Add Chlorine Remover before adding any fish or plants to water. Chlorine Remover detoxifies heavy metals from water and instantly removes chlorine and chloramines.

use decorative rocks around the pond


While the pond is filling, secure the liner with stones. Add a ledge of decorative rocks around the perimeter to hide the liner edge. The ledge can be a couple of inches deep.

trim the excess pond liner


Fold the liner under or trim the excess. Then landscape around your pond with plants and mulch to disguise the liner edge.

add floating lily pads to the pond


Add floating lily pads to your pond for a personal touch (these can be real or fake). Enjoy!