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  • Improve the water quality in your pond! The TotalPond Universal Pump Filter Box is suitable for maintaining healthy, clean and clear ponds. 
  • Compact filtration system: Best suited for use as a filtration system in ponds up to 500 gallons or a pre-filter in ponds over 500 gallons. 
  • Protect your choice of pump: Sturdy, impact resistant plastic filter box houses and protects against large debris for most pond pumps between 300 GPH – 800 GPH.  
  • Maximum cleaning power: The coarse black filter catches large debris, while the fine blue filter catches small debris. The included filter foams and bio-balls biologically clean the water, promoting a healthy ecosystem in your pond. 
  • Versatile use: Round opening in the lid allows the use of a nozzle kit or tubing up to 1.25 in. outer diameter (OD). 
  • Perfect for any project: The black color blends in naturally with surroundings. 
  • No tools needed for assembly or maintenance: Uncomplicated design allows for simple and quick access to all parts.
  • For best results: Replace filter pads (52233) yearly.
  • All-in-one: Includes 1 course black filter, 1 fine blue filter, and 10 bio-balls. 

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