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  • Reduce organic buildup in your pond! TotalPond Sludge Remover maintains a healthy eco-system, improves pump and filter efficiency, and reduces organic build up. It also reduces odors produced as a result of organic decay. 
  • How it works: Eliminates debris accumulation in filters and at the bottom of the pond, making filters more efficient with less maintenance required and boosts the beneficial microbes already present in the pond. 
  • When to use: Ideal for use before adding new fish to your pond, doing a water change, opening your pond in spring, and closing it in winter.    
  • Dosage: One 16 oz. bottle treats up to 960 gallons of water. Add one capful (5mL) for every 10 gallons of pond or fountain water. Dose every two weeks once water temperatures are above 50°F; discontinue use once water temperatures are below 50°F. 
  • For the best results: Use TotalPond Sludge Remover 48 hours after TotalPond Water Clarifier if the pond is stocked heavily with fish and plants or has not had water changes. 
  • Environmentally safe: When used as directed, this product is safe for fish, plants, domestic and wildlife animals. For ornamental water feature use only. 
  • Naturally occurring ingredients: Consists of deionized water and select heterotrophic bacterial strains. It contains over 20 billion powerful, naturally occurring beneficial bacteria that rapidly consume carbohydrates, proteins, starches, fats and cellulose debris that build up in ponds.   
  • Aeration TIP: Especially in warm weather, before using water treatments make sure the pond has strong, constant aeration — ex. fountain, waterfall, or other aeration devices — to avoid low oxygen levels. 
  • Please contact Customer Care with any questions or concerns before using this product.

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