1,200 GPH Waterfall Pump


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  • Creates large, powerful waterfalls! The TotalPond 1200 GPH Waterfall Pump is ideal for waterfalls up to 5 ft. tall.
  • Compact yet powerful: This compact waterfall pump moves substantial amounts of water to create dynamic effects while using less energy. Can be submerged in a pond, basin, skimmer box, or pump vault.
  • Enhanced reliability: Flex split-impeller technology supplies self-correcting impeller rotation and undisrupted flow, allowing for multi-directional flow. 
  • No clogs here: The anti-clog feature of the pump allows debris up to 0.25 in. in diameter to flow out the outlet. Includes a mesh pumpshield® for extra protection against larger debris. 
  • Pump stays clean and cool: The back-spitting feature allows fine particles to flow out the back of the waterfall pump to ensure that the internal components stay clean and won’t lock up, while also cooling the pump. 
  • No tools needed for maintenance: The uncomplicated pump design allows for simple and quick access to all moving parts, increasing the pump’s longevity. 
  • Superior design: Boasts high-quality ceramic shafts and bearings. 
  • Quiet operation: Enjoy the natural, soothing sounds of your waterfall. 
  • Flexible installation: Includes a 16 ft. long power cord with a compact plug that easily fits through 1 in. ID (inner diameter) conduit.
  • Secure connection: Pump outlet fits1 in. ID tubing.
  • Dimensions: 6.8 x 3.94 x 4.17 in. 
  • For best performance: Use in freshwater temperatures ranging from 41°F to 86°F. Not recommended for use in heavily chlorinated water or water with high pH levels.
  • Built to last: This ETL-approved pump is supported by a 2-year manufacturer warranty.

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