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  • Protect your pond water! TotalPond Pond Blue creates beautiful blue water, shades pond water from harmful UV rays, and hides aquatic life from predators. 
  • When to use: Apply as frequently as desired to maintain the preferred hue. 
  • Dosage: One 8 oz. bottle treats up to 1,880 gallons of water. Add one capful (5mL) for every 40 gallons of pond or fountain water.  
  • Environmentally safe: When used as directed, this product is safe for fish, plants, domestic and wildlife animals. For ornamental water feature use only. 
  • Non-toxic active ingredients: Consist of deionized water and coloring agent. 
  • Aeration TIP: Especially in warm weather, before using water treatments make sure the pond has strong, constant aeration — ex. fountain, waterfall, or other aeration devices — to avoid low oxygen levels. 
  • Please contact Customer Care with any questions or concerns before using this product.

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