Replacement Filter Pads for Pressurized Pond Filters


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  • Keep your pond filter running smoothly! The TotalPond Replacement Filter Pads for Pond Filters help improve the water quality in your pond when used with the Pond Filter with UV Clarifier (52236)
  • Maximum cleaning power: The blue fine filter catches small debris, while the black coarse filter catches large debris. 
  • Healthy ecosystem: The two included filter pads also help to biologically clean the water, promoting a healthy ecosystem in your pond. 
  • Easy to change: Easily replace filter pads for routine seasonal replacement. We recommend changing the filter pads yearly for the best results. 
  • Dimensions per pad: 8.39 in. diameter x 2.95 in. height.
  • Removable center piece: 0.875 in. diameter hole for versatile installation.  

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