Prepping Your Yard for Spring

After a long frosty winter comes the promise of warm weather, blooming flowers, and lounging in your yard. Spring is on the horizon and it’s time to get out of hibernation mode. Spending time outside can be calming, therapeutic, and all-round good for your wellbeing. Help your mind, body, and yard make a healthy and stress-free transition into spring with the following helpful tips:  

Inspect your landscape 

Take a careful look around your yard, pond, and fountain. Make sure there has been no winter damage to the grass with flooding or mud, to your pond or any of the components of your fountain. Confirm that rocks and landscape stones around water features have not eroded or shifted. Repair or replace as necessary and make a list of what’s needed.  

Take inventory of your maintenance supplies 

Do you need mulch, a new lawn mower, or pruning shears? Was there something you wish you had last year? Do your filters need new filter pads? Have you always wanted a UV Clarifier for your water feature? Are there new products you want to try or something you've been meaning to get – like Sludge Remover or Barley Pond Clarifier to reduce nutrient load and reduce maintenance? Check your existing inventory and stock up on essentials. Try timesaving maintenance products for easier water feature care. 

Clean your garden 

Make sure your yard is free of leaves. Leaves are not only unsightly (at times), but they can also be detrimental to aquatic environments. So, if you have a water feature, remove what you can with a leaf blower and a net or wet-dry vacuum for the rest.  

Check your plumbing & electrical 

Thoroughly inspect and test the drainage system, sprinklers, etc. to ensure everything is working properly. Also test your ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) outlets. Replace all equipment or parts that are damaged or not in working order.   

Plants and flowers 

Start fertilizing hardy plants in and around water features. Enjoy planting your favorites in your garden. You can also implement sustainable gardening in your yard to help the environment and save money by growing your own fruits and vegetables, while creating a beautiful (and edible) plot.  

Plan Improvements 

Don't worry if it's too early to act in your yard. Scope out your garden from your window and plan any improvements. Did you want to add a Zen Garden or revamp an old pond? Add a fountain or a cascading waterfall to your pond? Browse project inspiration for ideas to turn your backyard dream into reality. 

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